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#1917  Snug in their beds Pattern W19-20 Pattern

He's Here!

Painted on a 4 1/2' brick with some great embellishments!

15 images

Hinge diecuts available at

Great project!

Also available an Epacket


Our Price: CAD $10.00  

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#1912  Remember When Ornaments W19-4 Pattern

"Remember When?"....

Oh I love nostalgic, retro Christmas!

Remember when you could sit at a sandwich bar at Woodwards shopping store?

Remember big, plastic, ringing bells with garland?
Or fuzzy, coated plastic reindeer? Remember?


This pattern has 20 images, full instructions & line drawing.

Embellished with side-cut snowflake style Swarovski crystals & authentic tarnishing pink German glass glitter!

The ringing bell diecut is available at


Glitter & surfaces are here on the website under "Surfaces" "Wood" & "Trims"


Our Price: CAD $10.00  

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#1911  Retro Mall Santa's W19-3Pattern


So cute & so much fun!
14 images, full instructions & pattern

Surfaces available on the website under "Surfaces" "Wood"


Our Price: CAD $9.50  

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Click to see full size image

#1904  WOOD for Retro Mall Santas

Surfaces for "Retro Mall Santa's!" Ornaments

This is for the surfaces only

2 pieces, fibrex wood material

4 3/4" x 4 3/4"

4 x 5"

Additional shipping may be required.


Our Price: CAD $7.50  

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Click to see full size image

#1901  Sweet Holiday Post KITW19-1

What sweeter post than a peppermint stick & Postcard!

You get full pattern with 7 images, 

1 candy cane, 1 postcard, twine, bell, decoupage image, 

glitter and silver trim


Additional shipping may be required for your area.


Our Price: CAD $12.50  

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