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#1885  Strawberry Shortcake Pattern S19-1

I LOVE Strawberry Shortcake!

This is a pattern for a surface of approx. 8" diam.

I painted mine on a bentwood box with a scallop lid cap.

Scallop lid caps are available here on the website under "Surfaces" Wood"

Full instructions, pattern,12 pictures




Our Price: CAD $9.50  

Click to see full size image
Click to see full size image

#1883  Strawberries and Ice Cream WOOD

These are extra surface pieces.

You get 3 pieces for the "Strawberries & Ice Cream" pattern

Whole pattern kit is also available under "Kits"

Additional shippping may be required for your area.


Our Price: CAD $4.50  

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Click to see full size image

#1882  Strawberries and Ice Cream KITS19-1

"Strawberries & Ice Cream!" Kit

Includes 3 pcs, glitter, full pattern

Extra surface pcs on the website under "Surfaces" "Wood"

Additional shipping may be required depending on area and quantity.


Our Price: CAD $10.00  

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#1868  Oh Pick me a pot of Posies! #KITSP19-3


"Oh pick me a pot of posies!" Pin Kit

Now available here on the website, this kit & pattern was

a pre-release for our April PATREON Tier 4 boxes!

Yes, you can receive a pre-release pattern, with surface every month too!

Check out our PATREON link on the Homepage!

Ea piece is approx. 1 x 2", extra surfaces are available on the website as well.

Pattern has 8 images, full instructions & pattern.

Comes with 2 surface pieces!


Our Price: CAD $12.50  

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#1862  Vintage Chocolate Egg Factory SP19-4


Painted on a 4" size plastic egg, you can use wood or real eggs as well

4 different floral patterns with "frosting" side trim.


Lots of pictures, full instructions & pattern


Our Price: CAD $10.00  

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