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#2535  Oh Joy Pattern & Surface Kit

You get:

"Oh Joy!" Full pattern for the snowman Trio & Snow Angel plus the surfaces, 34 images

"Frosty Lane" Full pattern & Surface, 9 images

Additional Shipping will be calculated separately for your area & invoiced.

Snow angel- approx. 7 x 7" x 1/4"

Trio- approx. 2 x 3" & 3 x 4" x 1/4"

Tree Ball- approx. 3.5 x 4" x 1/4"


Our Price: CAD $40.00  

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#2516  Happy Holiday Arrangement PATTERN W21-2REG

Full pattern, line drawing, 8 images

Finishes at approx. 7 x 9"

Surface kit available under "Surface-Winter"


Our Price: CAD $9.00  

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#2471  Singing Christmas Tree PATTERN W20-6REG

Full pattern, line drawing, 20 images

Finishes at approx 8 T x 8.5 W x 2 deep

Surface kit under "Surfaces-Winter"


Our Price: CAD $9.00  

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#2464  Gingie Sweets PATTERN W20-25REG

Full pattern, line drawing 11 images

Finishes approx 1/2" each

Painted on metal charms


Our Price: CAD $5.00  

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#2462  Winter Sweeps PATTERN W20-26REG

Full pattern, line drawing, 7 images 

Painted on square metal charms approx. 1/2" each


Our Price: CAD $5.00  

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