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Click to see full size image

#1935  All Hallos Riddle H19-2

2 Parts to this gem!

First piece is painted on a 4" brick & the matching piece is a doorcrown with insert, featuring some spooked Ghostie Trick or Treaters!

Pattern comes with full instructions for both, 34 images

Contact me about the surface


Our Price: CAD $12.00  

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#1931  Toebean Headglobe H19-1

"Toebean Headglobe"...yup, that's the name!

Pattern for standing piece, sold separately on the website under "SURFACES" "WOOD"

9 images


Our Price: CAD $8.50  

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#1826  Little Marybelle Pumpkin Packet H18-4

OOOOOO! Little Marybelle sitting on the pumpkins!

Is she.....??? 

Painted on a 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 2" brick

Embellished with various trims, knobs & do-dads!

13 Pictures! Not joking!


Our Price: CAD $9.00  

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#1819  Knobby Knees Pattern Packet H18-3

"Knobby Knees!" is right!

Spooky but fun tombstone piece, featuring Ol'e "Sweetgums"!

Lots of Halloweenie fun to paint!

14 images

Surface kit & Spooky Tree stencil available here on the website.


Our Price: CAD $9.00  

Click to see full size image

#1802  Pumpkin Rampage Packet H18-1

Paint up a cool set of key tags, ornaments, bag tags,

using siding samples, paint samples or heavy cardstock.

Design uses a really cool KCD scrapbooking technique useful for cards, boxes, anything really!

12 photos


Our Price: CAD $9.00  

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